Reply To: Queries after completing AI.assurance foundation course and intermediate course

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Hi Kishore,

Below are the responses to your queries:

1. Functional Test coverage report: Can we have test execution report exported in any other format other than .xls?
[Ans]: No, only xls is supported.
2. Functional Test coverage report: Screenshot are generally saved only in one standard format or we can choose the format as per our preference?
[Ans]: 1 std. Format is supported.
3. Scheduler: Is it mandatory to put the end date every time for setting the scheduler? How is the end date set when we require to schedule a recurring job?
[Ans]: Yes it is mandatory to set the end date, please choose a logical end date according to your contract or as per your test frequency requirements.
4. Cross browser: Is it possible to run an execution on multiple browsers at a time?
[Ans]: No, Only 1 browser at a time is supported.
5. Web automation testing Which one is the best among the model(IDE recording) and Insight (Auto scan method) for creating scenarios?
[Ans]: Our recommendation is Auto-Scan, however people have found Model method also quite useful.
6. Web automation testing: Is it possible to scan a particular page(where new changes made) using Insight option instead of traversing throughout the entire application?
[Ans]: To reach at a particular page, auto-scan needs to traverse till that page and detect the changes.
7. Web automation testing: Can we use AI.Assurance for mobile view(Different screen resolutions) and ios,android apps testing?
[Ans]:Mobile Testing feature is being built after which you will be able to use the product to test applications on mobile for mobile view(Different screen resolutions). Native app support will be added later.
8. API testing Is it possible to extract the data from the response of current request and pass the same in the next request as a value in REST web services testing?
[Ans]: This feature is in pipeline.
9. Load testing: Is there any option to configure the script to run for multiple users at the same time to verify the behavior of application under test in heavy load?
[Ans]: In Pipeline for future releases, since load testing another dimension altogether.

Ai.Assurance Team