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Please find the answers below:

1. Is it possible to store data in variables and compare it in further stage with other extracted values?
[Vish] – Not as of now.
2. Excel report is only having the test case fail/pass details. Can we customize the excel to save details like session ID, variables data and other extracted text from web page?
[Vish] – No the reports have a fixed format, we are enhancing it to display more info like: data used for testing etc.
3. Is it possible to do exception handling, text comparison, image comparison, arithmetic and logical calculations?
[Vish] – Exception handling, text comparisons & DB value comparison happens as part of validation asserts.
4. How to create a new project? Only once we are able to create a project and select the feature(model/insight) in settings -> application.
[Vish] – AS of now product team will create the applications.
5. The scenarios created by Ignio is actually using the screenshot names(A|B|C). Is it possible to have the scenarios in description format like “test case description”?
[Vish] – We are working to include this, where you can give a description for a test scenario.

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Kishore Talatam