Automate Run history

    • Sankalp Sharma
      2 years, 6 months ago #3669

      We already automated real time feeds (File system path: /ignio/ingestordata/staging/RealTimeFeeds) in our env and now planning to automate run history data but we are not sure about the file system path for run history data. is it going to be the same path similar to Real Time feed or new one? I assume there should be standard file system for run history as well.
      Appreciate your help in advance.

    • Deepa Vaidyanathan
      2 years, 6 months ago #3670

      The same file can be used for ingesting run history. You need to take care of below points
      – The file should be renamed to have extension .csv
      – The file should have the same name as data source identifier. For the default data source it should be job_runhistory_autosysjob.csv. Replace autosysjob in the name with your respective scheduler job name
      – The file must be placed in the location defined in environment variable – “ignio.staging.ingestor.external.folder”
      – The default path generally is “/ignio/ingestordata/external”
      – If the location is not shared across services, then the file should be placed in the machine where analytics service is running
      – If there are multiple instances of analytics, then any of the instance can be used for placing the file

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