Butterfly Alert Management: Block rules not applicable for child tickets

    • NidhiJoshi
      3 years, 1 month ago #3332

      We have mapped incoming alert (Windows Service Down) from Solarwinds to ignio using Push API, it in turn triggers a customized operation to work on the incident. Operation calls IMMEM operation -ServiceDownIssue as a first step. We have observed duplicate suppression does not work on ServiceDownIssue.

      If we directly map ServiceDownIssue in ebonding against the alert then duplicate suppression works fine. However when it is called in a custom operation in which case it becomes an ignio-internal ticket , suppression rules wont be applied.

      Any idea how to handle it ? any additional configurations need to be made?

      Platform: Butterfly SP14
      Issue : duplicate suppression (Block rules at subscription level) is not happening at child ticket (ignio-internal) level

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