Child tickets not creating in “Profile Communities”

    • Rinkesh Patel
      2 years, 8 months ago #3586

      In Tryg, we are facing issue related to “Profile communities” execution where function is getting closed with warning and no child ticket getting created.
      PFB screenshot.
      We have tried executing the function on orgunit, RHEL7 , windows node and getting same result.

      “Profile events” function is working fine, and we are able to see the result as well.

      ignio version: Cheetah SP7

    • Deepa Vaidyanathan
      2 years, 8 months ago #3589

      Number of child for a Profile Communities run on an entity is governed by the policy attribute “Correlation Direction” in the Profile Communities Basic Configuration policy.

      If Correlation Direction is
      UNI = 2 children per entity for lead and lag signature
      BI = 1 child per entity for cooccurrence signature
      BOTH = 3 children per entity for lead, lag and cooccurrence signature
      Any other value = NO child will be created

      Please note that comma separated values are also not supported here.

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