Firmware update for ESXi Host and Windows Servers

    • Karthik
      3 years ago #3371

      I am aware that Hardware update is available as part of OOB capability for VMware
      I wanted to specifically check whether ignio can update BIOS firmware running on older version in ESXi host and Windows servers. And also can ignio perform the below steps
      The steps involved are
      a) Download the ISO from the HP site to the jump server
      b) Login to server through HP ILO console
      b) Map the HP Update ISO to the HP ILO and reboot the server
      c) Mount the ISO
      d) Reboot
      e) Now after reboot, server will boot in to ISO–.select Interactive mode.
      f) Select firmware’s — wait for some time till full inventory done – next
      g) Select firmware’s 2nd from top. Uncheck rest…Update
      h) Reboot

    • 3 years ago #3375

      Hi Karthick,
      Please note, Hardware update is NOT avaialble as part of OOB. Let me ask the respective technology leads to review and feedback.

    • Karthik
      3 years ago #3376

      Thank you Ismail, In the Cheetah catalog available in confluence, I have found the below OOB SOP under administration category. looking forward to your inputs, Thanks again.

      VMwareVSphere Virtualization VMware Administration Upgrade hardware version of given Virtual Machine UpgradeVirtualHardware VMWare VirtualMachine Upgrade Hardware Version

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