How to update ignio’s credential vault dynamically in Cheetah – via API

    • Karan Parikh
      2 years, 6 months ago #3450

      We are looking for an API which when consumed can update a cred-vault entry. We want this because the ID being used by ignio is managed by a password manager which automatically changes the password of the ID as per the schedule (in our case monthly) and syncs with Active Directory.

      We are not looking for an option of external cred-vault/pimconfiguration.xml as it isn’t feasible because of unnecessary load on the tool.

      Alternatively, if anyone knows how to connect Neo4j and update the credential vault entry that would also help.

    • bana.sunit
      2 years, 5 months ago #3483

      PFB a sample snippet that can be used to update the password of a credential entry under an identifier.

      String query=”GraphQuery.node(‘credIdentifier:CredentialIdentifier’).out(‘r1:contains’,null).node(‘credEntry:IgnioUIDCredentialEntry’).properties(‘credIdentifier.identifier’,'<<Identifier of the Credential identifier>>’)”;
      def credEntryList = node.executeQuery(query);
      String nodeId = credEntryList.get(0).id ;
      com.digitate.ignio.model.base.EntityInstance credentialEntryInstance= new com.digitate.ignio.model.base.EntityInstance();
      credentialEntryInstance.setProperty(“password”, “<<New password non encrypted”);
      node.createOrUpdate (“IgnioUIDCredentialEntry”,credentialEntryInstance, ‘ignio’);

      Please note this strategy will work if there is only one credential entry of type IgnioUIDCredentialEntry under a credentialIdentifier whose password needs an update.

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