Possible ways to execute a desktop automation utility

    • NidhiJoshi
      2 years, 4 months ago #3562

      Hi All,

      We are working on a usecase in Butterfly SP15 where in ignio needs to identify string based deviations from a result file (.csv). This result file is generated from a desktop application and saved on ignio server. We have created a utility (java code- .jar) to automate the steps required to generate result file using desktop automation concept- WinApp driver. Is there a way to securely execute the utility in foreground? If we trigger utility from ignio- it will execute in background and throws exception. If we schedule the utility in Windows task scheduler, it requires user to be logged on while executing in frontend causing secure execution concerns. Is there any way to securely execute the utility in foreground? Looking for suggestions. Thanks.

    • sandeep.mohanty
      2 years, 3 months ago #3572

      I guess desktop based applications can’t be run in background. Triggering UI based utility will require active login, so commandline or backend query would be appropriate route. I am sure you must have tried all alternatives before configuring desktop based solution.

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